Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5

Publicerades den 13 okt 2020
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  • i think trish is right this time it’s ok for him but not her good on her for standing up for herself

  • Honestly anything Trisha threw at him, he came out on top every time. She just shot down the real trust in this relationship; you can tell anything these two do together is going to be done with a line in the sand. Ethan's learned his lesson, he's never sharing anything else personal with her again. You can actually tell when she gets bored of regurgitating petty things she knows about him and she just throws insecurities that she has at him, like he has a similar mindset to someone like her. The fact that she said, "You know, I can be mean like you, but I'm not going to" after she slandered herself with how awful she is just put the nails in the coffin. She is the most unlikeable person I've seen in a while. Ethan 27, Trasha Pettyass 0.

  • Sometimes I think she's a legitimate narcissist, and that Ethan knows this and knows they can profit off of it. Kind of messed up.

  • the white pony tho xD

  • 1:06:21 wow how disrespectful

  • I willll agree that Ethan was pushing her about things that were NOT ”on the table”, Trisha just gave in to talk about things. But Trisha tried to ”push” something about Ethan and its not okay 👀 but also at the same time he told her that in private so i get his side of it too

  • The argument got heated 😶

  • Did She siad daivd was "straight "

  • why'd she get so triggered

  • This fight was so uncomfortable and so stupid to watch there is absolutely no reason she should be making comments about him and his FAMILY! She tries to always play the victim it’s like Sis has NEVER been put in her place. Especially when he was try to actually apologize she was being the absolute rude.

  • He is genuinely trying to apologize and she is absolutely in fucking sane.

  • Ok but ... why’d she come after Jacksfilms? I love John Movies.

  • Setup?

  • yea this is why i hate trisha

  • “I hate people using people for clout” then next episode rants that she only there for the money 🙄

  • My 5 year old brother walked by when i was watching this and he yelled THATS UNCLE FESTER..... he looks weird tho lol

  • 1:23:58 Trisha describing the person she hated most is literally her oml

  • They’re both toxic. Ethan is just using Trisha for making content, focusing on making her look like a bad person. Trisha likes the attention so she lets it slide most of the time, then if he pushes the wrong button she actually gets serious and starts low blowing.

  • Anyone know what doctor trish went to for her pain meds

  • Not only has he been in a relationship for 12 years but he’s made it last with a gorgeous, intelligent, well-rounded woman.

  • Can we finally just cancel Trisha completely like she deserves?

  • It pains me how stupid she genuinely is.

  • 1:39


  • Megan Fox wasn't a zombie in Jennifer's Body.... She was a succubus 🙄

  • Bruh I have ALWAYS disliked Trish and these first four podcasts made me question that because she seemed so genuine, but then I remembered why I hate her again

  • My favorite one of these by far

  • Trisha was really painful to listen to during that fight lol. Ethan was actually right hahaha.

  • Trisha listens only just to clap back. Not to understand ANYTHING someone might be saying. Gtfo girl.

  • yikes, making fun of his guest list.....that was so hard to watch

  • Ethan is the neutralizer to a Trisha because he’s aware what she’s doing, he’s not intimidated to make her aware of what she’s doing and he’s capable of letting go when it’s time to let go. I’m bummed cause I was legit excited about the podcast. Especially Ethan dressing up and committing to dressing up Trisha style! Trisha seems struggle in the social setting. She gets offended. I imagine she was the joke growing up and she can’t take it lightly.

  • Are we going to talk about Ethan being so sweet to actually have thought of making a musical trivia for Trisha just so she can finally show of and be proud of her knowledge? Yes she might not be science smart but she has a passion for musicals, which didn't go unnoticed in Ethan. Ethan is a pure soul, I see why Hila fell in love with him 12 years ago.

  • I love how much she knows about musicals lmaoo 😂

  • I hate her

  • i never watched the Frenemies Podcast because I hate trisha paytas so much, but i saw this highlight and felt intrigued, and i was totally right, she is just so so so awful. there are so many weirdos and screwballs on H3, like Tai Lopez or Joey Salads or The Bradberrys, but I can watch and laugh with them or at them and enjoy the podcast, but Trisha is NOT one of those people. she's not a stupid person i can laugh at and enjoy their stupidity, she is genuinely just so awful it is easier to pretend she doesn't exist. I saw Ethan also apologized, and he shouldn't have. she is just... rotten.

  • Why isn’t Trasha canceled yet

  • I can’t believe she’s still mad about the money Ethan is giving her for literally showing up, she has was more money than him, she doesn’t need the money, but yet she complains that Ethan doesn’t give her more.

  • Trisha is damaged and when she feels backed into a corner she attacks.


  • 19:32 peter rollerskates in STARLIGHT EXPRESS STARLIGHT EXPRESS STARLIGHT EXPRESS STARLIGHT EXPRESS..... starlight express while skating away

  • What is wrong with that chick?! Everyone is crazy one way or the other but she took it to some ‘next level crazy’ space.

    • but I don’t think he realizes it because he really was sorry and I think he enjoys being around Trisha a lot. It’s just easier for people to take Ethan’s side because of the way

  • Anthony padilla is PC principal

  • This channel is basically just trishas at this point... I think Im finally ready to unsub. Good bye, friends...

  • Yo u can’t breathe this is actually funniest SEnewss vid ive watched in a min

  • this woman is so annoying

  • time stamp is 1:04:30 lol xx

  • moses seems really sweet

  • Wow people are such pussies. They are really good friends and they are adults.

  • i side with Trisha

  • lord farys after game of thrones

  • Wow trish💀

  • "Wh-what... what is wrong with you?" Goddddd at that moment I really felt the exasperation

  • Not gonna lie I literally thought he was Gru from Despicable Me... 😂

  • I'm not Ethan's biggest fan but I admire how he dealt with Trisha hurling insults at him. In my experience, when dealing with someone like that in a mood like that I would just try not to take things personally and try to come from a sympathetic perspective-- she was talking about how she was off her meds, so she's probably triggered and just saying whatever comes to mind. Trying to reason with someone like that is absolutely pointless, it's smartest to just redirect their attention and anger, and if you want to preserve the relationship (or have to, since Ethan wanted to keep up the show), just force yourself to be the bigger person.

  • I wish they would show a reaction video of Hila & Moses watching this “podcast” / video... maybe not as long as this video but reacting to the best parts. I’d especially like to see them react to Trisha’s statements about their family & them... like saying “Ethan has no other options” other than Hila... yuck. 🤮

  • Trisha has zero IQ

  • I know everyone’s coming for Trisha BUT Ethan said some nasty things, coming for her relationship yet again and saying she isn’t ready for kids after she just said how important they were for her. Trisha legit opened up in a deep way about infertility, was really vulnerable, and he was being nasty straight up. Ethan’s a master manipulator too, but I don’t think he realizes it because he really was sorry and I think he enjoys being around Trisha a lot. It’s just easier for people to take Ethan’s side because of the way Trisha presents herself, but she’s low key very emotional and I think she began to value Ethan’s friendship, which is why she took what he said to heart. And she lashed out to protect herself but ended up taking it too far. If trisha could just get mental help and learn to say how she’s feeling without exploding their friendship could fr flourish.

  • She literally got mad because he called her crazy then said “yeah I can be crazy sometimes”.

  • 1:00:00 is where it goes down.

  • This is a new fave!

  • Dude I'm sorry but trisha acts like a fucking child. She gets mad and throws her tantrum and hurts people in the process yet she wants to criticize everyone else and their behavior. She's a full grown woman but mentally at a child's level.

  • *Me watching from Florida* Trisha: well she lives in Florida first of all Me: Me: true

  • FESTER is SO Awesome / please bring him back soon - put it on a reel go get some gigs playing him

  • I fuc**ng love how Ethan’s intelligent logical (& sometimes rude) sarcasm balances out Trisha’s overwhelmingly emotional & unnecessarily self-assured OPINIONS (she believes are facts) 💕 I’m so glad they decided to do this series of “Frenemies”... this is seriously HILARIOUS.

  • I hate her

  • I literally laugh uncontrollably any time Trisha says “ good guess”

  • Did she just say her zombie cheerleader romcom shit was mor iconic than uncle fester? 1:19:23

  • Bruh cut ties with Trisha. She's fake af and only using you for more clout

  • This is so hard to watch . It makes me feel like a little kid again not good but trisha is in the wrong she needs to apologize he tried so hard to be nice to her and that wasn't fair on her part she bullied him into submission ps I like trisha but I'm sorry I can't

  • I’m subscribing now

  • Ethan Klein going as a jew for halloween 2020 it's all over

  • every time i feel like im starting to like trisha she pulls some manipulative shit like this

  • Awe well this series was cute. Lol Trisha was right I literally only watched for her 😂

  • 1:04:50

  • ok but trish genuinely pissed me off wtf

  • 1:05:00

  • Trisha is the worst she does not take accountability for her actions how is she 32 she's like 13

  • She know she’s crazy. It just hits a different way being called that to your face ..I’m guessing lol.

  • Trish sounds like Courage the cowardly dog trying to explain why she wasn’t weaponizing Ethan using pills

  • Fight starts at 1:05:25

  • Trisha always changes the memory of how she used to feel whenever she is upset. If she felt like ethan was pushing she could’ve easily said something.

  • “Kink shaming” ?!?! 😂 you can’t just come up with anything (insert word) shaming to excuse bad/wrong behavior 🤦‍♀️ Enticing pervs by putting out an erotic video involving your family is something any NORMAL human should definitely be ashamed of regardless of you guys actually having sex or not (that would just be more disgusting, immoral and illegal) Omg Trying to eat healthier?! LMFAO HAHAHA, pizza with mac and cheese and chicken nuggets on it?! 🤔 😂 😂 😂 Also when she gets called out she can’t hack it... she’s evil, gets offended and won’t STFU and listen!!!!! Just blabs n blabs n gets butt hurt over the truth!

  • Ethan gets on my damn nerves. The way he just belittles the microaggressions and the racism poc go through is just ugh.

  • Trisha saying white pony and acting like that was what she meant lmaooo

  • As the saying goes, "hurt people hurt people." Trish has been hurt for a long time and we know that hurt people usually hurt the ones that try to help them the most. (ethan)

  • People thinking Trisha cares what they think. Brothers and sisters you still gave the view. She doesn’t care, it was a small “family” argument, get over it.

  • Seriously. She seems so toxic. But I also can’t stand her. This whole thing made me so uncomfortable.

  • She didn’t know who won WW2.... what a dolt

  • ethan is so good to trisha. so patient it’s unbelievable.

  • I am so sorry you have to deal with this Ethan. Like I genuinely don't know you well and this is honestly the first video I've ever seen made by you but I can already tell you are the friend everybody needs. Don't tell her anything, like genuinely. I know you've "fixed" things by now but clearly from this you can't trust her with anything because she can't take criticism and all she knows is to be greedy, manipulative, and entirely untrustworthy.

  • I honestly hate cancel culture but Trisha shouldn't have a platform. She's so manipulative and it's gross.

  • holy fuck this is amazing

  • YIiiikes. Watching Trish be so defensive and mean was uncomfortable.

    • Passive aggressive.

  • Ayyy Ethan... since im an OH h3h3 fan... was... am... sort of... heres a good question... hows that soda Ethan

  • How she trashing the podcast that shes on😂

  • Looks like a BPD splitting episode.

  • Real talk, this podcast feels like a stroke

  • Wow.. Trisha is so dumb 🥺 Its honestly sad that people watch anything she posts

  • I fuckin LOST it at “all these poor men with ass cancer”

  • Sickening freaks