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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


2:20:29H3 After Dark - #9
H3 After Dark - #9visningar 485tn5 dagar sedan
1:55:42Content Court: TheQuartering
Content Court: TheQuarteringvisningar 555tn7 dagar sedan
1:24:19Trisha & Ethan Reconcile...Kind of -  Frenemies #6
1:17:24Tim Dillon - H3 Podcast #224
Tim Dillon - H3 Podcast #224visningar 322tn12 dagar sedan
25:02Hila The Gamer Girl Destroys Us In Among Us
Hila The Gamer Girl Destroys Us In Among Usvisningar 416tn12 dagar sedan
2:01:14Whitney Cummings - H3 Podcast #223
Whitney Cummings - H3 Podcast #223visningar 414tn17 dagar sedan
1:59:26H3 After Dark - #8
H3 After Dark - #8visningar 518tn19 dagar sedan
1:11:26Content Court: James Charles
Content Court: James Charlesvisningar 619tn22 dagar sedan
1:21:18Is Trisha Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - Frenemies #4
1:06:10Tom Segura & Christina P - H3 Podcast #221
Tom Segura & Christina P - H3 Podcast #221visningar 382tn27 dagar sedan
1:54:54H3 After Dark - #7
H3 After Dark - #7visningar 519tn26 dagar sedan
1:18:30Content Court: TikTok Pranksters
Content Court: TikTok Prankstersvisningar 416tn28 dagar sedan
1:18:04Andrew Santino - H3 Podcast #219
Andrew Santino - H3 Podcast #219visningar 349tnMånad sedan
1:12:22Possibly Our Last Episode - Frenemies #3
Possibly Our Last Episode - Frenemies #3visningar 1,1mnMånad sedan
2:15:57H3 After Dark - #6
H3 After Dark - #6visningar 551tnMånad sedan
1:19:19Content Court: JayStation
Content Court: JayStationvisningar 441tnMånad sedan
1:15:54Steve-O - H3 Podcast #217
Steve-O - H3 Podcast #217visningar 320tnMånad sedan
2:09:42H3 After Dark - #5 (James Charles vs Teddy Fresh)
1:25:50Content Court: Prince Family
Content Court: Prince Familyvisningar 527tnMånad sedan
1:59:50H3 After Dark - #4
H3 After Dark - #4visningar 495tnMånad sedan
1:57:21Bobby Lee & Khalyla - H3 Podcast #214
Bobby Lee & Khalyla - H3 Podcast #214visningar 550tnMånad sedan
1:33:59Danny Gonzalez - H3 Podcast #213
Danny Gonzalez - H3 Podcast #213visningar 311tnMånad sedan
2:40:14H3 After Dark - #3
H3 After Dark - #3visningar 500tnMånad sedan
1:34:09Cody Ko - H3 Podcast #211
Cody Ko - H3 Podcast #211visningar 634tn2 månader sedan
2:35:08H3 After Dark - #2
H3 After Dark - #2visningar 663tn2 månader sedan
1:23:07Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #209
Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #209visningar 284tn2 månader sedan
1:37:14H3 After Dark - #1
H3 After Dark - #1visningar 596tn2 månader sedan
2:34:57Logic - H3 Podcast #208
Logic - H3 Podcast #208visningar 454tn2 månader sedan
2:34:55Hasan Piker - H3 Podcast #207
Hasan Piker - H3 Podcast #207visningar 547tn2 månader sedan
1:22:11Chad Goes Deep (The Party Bros) - H3 Podcast #204
1:26:40TikTok Ban & Ethan Bodyslams Mike - H3 Podcast #203
1:53:06All Gas No Brakes (Andrew Callaghan) - H3 Podcast #202
2:09:43YouTubers Are Knowingly Spreading Covid - H3 Podcast #201
2:08:40iDubbbz & Dax Flame - H3 Podcast #199
iDubbbz & Dax Flame - H3 Podcast #199visningar 932tn3 månader sedan
1:38:33Oliver Tree - H3 Podcast #198
Oliver Tree - H3 Podcast #198visningar 761tn3 månader sedan
1:49:55Keemstar Has No Boundaries - H3 Podcast #197
Keemstar Has No Boundaries - H3 Podcast #197visningar 632tn3 månader sedan
1:30:25Eric Andre - H3 Podcast #195
Eric Andre - H3 Podcast #195visningar 828tn4 månader sedan
3:00:35William & Chelsea Osman - H3 Podcast #194
William & Chelsea Osman - H3 Podcast #194visningar 781tn4 månader sedan
2:59:33The Death Of H3H3 by Gokanaru - H3 Podcast #192
1:31:08Marc Rebillet Live! - H3 Podcast #191
Marc Rebillet Live! - H3 Podcast #191visningar 631tn5 månader sedan
1:32:01When Thotting Goes Wrong - H3 Podcast #188
When Thotting Goes Wrong - H3 Podcast #188visningar 798tn5 månader sedan
2:08:13Is iDubbbz A Simp? - H3 Podcast #185
Is iDubbbz A Simp? - H3 Podcast #185visningar 1,3mn6 månader sedan
1:24:19Trisha Paytas Ruins The H3 Podcast - H3 Podcast #184
1:23:41The Show Must Go On - H3 Podcast #183
The Show Must Go On - H3 Podcast #183visningar 747tn7 månader sedan
1:39:12Big Ed Puts Mayo In Zach's Hair - H3 Podcast #180
1:20:42Ethan Ruins the H3 Podcast - H3 Podcast #179
Ethan Ruins the H3 Podcast - H3 Podcast #179visningar 941tn8 månader sedan
2:07:27Gigi Hadid Bodyslams Jake Paul - H3 Podcast #178
2:05:44Jake Paul's New Scam - H3 Podcast #176
Jake Paul's New Scam - H3 Podcast #176visningar 914tn8 månader sedan
1:59:30Papa John - H3 Podcast #174
Papa John - H3 Podcast #174visningar 2mn8 månader sedan
2:28:53Gus Johnson & Eddy Burback - H3 Podcast #173
Gus Johnson & Eddy Burback - H3 Podcast #173visningar 846tn8 månader sedan
2:35:00Sean Evans - H3 Podcast #172
Sean Evans - H3 Podcast #172visningar 807tn8 månader sedan
2:05:29Coronavirus Is Worse Than You Think - H3 Podcast #171
1:55:56Jaystation Must Be Stopped At All Costs - H3 Podcast #170
2:35:18The End Of An Era - H3 Podcast #169
The End Of An Era - H3 Podcast #169visningar 976tn9 månader sedan
2:29:04Jack & Erik - H3 Podcast #168
Jack & Erik - H3 Podcast #168visningar 920tn9 månader sedan
1:23:55Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #167
Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #167visningar 923tn10 månader sedan
1:33:44YouTube Removes iDubbbz Content Cop - H3 Podcast #166
1:44:36K-pop Stans Cancel Us On Twitter - H3 Podcast #165
1:45:01We're In YouTube Rewind - H3 Podcast #164
We're In YouTube Rewind - H3 Podcast #164visningar 965tn10 månader sedan
2:10:33Olivia Jade, PewDiePie & Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #163
1:33:38Shoenice - H3 Podcast #159
Shoenice - H3 Podcast #159visningar 925tn11 månader sedan
2:12:15Whitney Cummings - H3 Podcast #158
Whitney Cummings - H3 Podcast #158visningar 814tn11 månader sedan
1:32:36Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #152
Trisha Paytas - H3 Podcast #152visningar 2,6mnÅr sedan
1:36:11Bobby Lee & Khalyla - H3 Podcast #148
2:16:01Casey Neistat - H3 Podcast #146
Casey Neistat - H3 Podcast #146visningar 901tnÅr sedan
1:31:24We Actually Went To Area 51 - H3 Podcast #145
1:07:12Bill Burr Returns - H3 Podcast #143


  • lord farys after game of thrones

  • you know ethan is in thequarterings channel trailer. 0_o

  • Can’t you just paint the screws

  • Content cop rip off

  • holy shit the dislike ratio. he sent his itty bitty widdle simp-cel neo-nazi army after you bro.. maybe he should steal his wifes lotion and beat off to the original she-ra, then he'd calm down

  • “I just found out that Egypt was real on your podcast.” “You see this is why I can’t lose.”

  • i actually highly recommend you guys too watch when the ground breathes in forests, it'll trip you the fuck out, if i saw this at night id legit think i was apart of the living dead and zombies are about to pop from the ground lmao

  • I get that she’s dating his brother, but having someone like her on this show has been super disappointing and annoying. I genuinely enjoyed listening to this podcast for different topics going on but when I see these Trisha episodes I don’t want to sit here and listen to her backwards logic. The defensiveness and toxic mentality this girl gives off, is super annoying.

  • Idk if going after the Quartering was the right move...

  • Ethan saddens me

  • "Being married doesn't mean your not a virgin" At least you've come to terms that your wife's child isn't yours.

  • I live in an apartment complex so I pee in the elevator

  • This was so entertaining and your so are about all of that! Hes acting like a baby over your vid. I just peed in my basement... 🤫

  • 29:47 who else immediately checked their headphones? :D

  • they both look so adorable in the TF gear ... Hila looks frickkin adorable - the trio-crome-esque velvet sweatshirt - the under shirt white collar - the chain- AND THE pearl head band ... and I'm involve with ethan's trumploeil patchwork hoodie so cute...

  • *sigh* I hope one day, I have money to buy H3H3 Merch.

  • How do people still watch h3. Ethan has lost his mind since K fucked his wife.

  • I love how all the top comments are just comments defending this neek

  • Had to check my headphones after that "Tickling my ear" video.

  • skinny Ethan is cursed.

  • I rlly admire you Ethan.

  • 1:25:47 Theodore saying Dada in the background❤

  • I totally think you are a great guy. You are not in anyway a fat sellout looser who never has bad takes. You obviously can handle criticism very well. Everyone that criticizes you is xenophobic and mean. They definitely don’t make really good points. Ethan is the most honest of all the youtubers.

  • Wow trish💀

  • anyone else not able to UNSEE the dick in the sign now.... they should of traced it it out.. the tip is the that curve of the first line in H - the the 3 is the ball sack ( per usual) its like a dick impaled in the H....

  • ”i’m a christian i’m a jew i’m everything”

  • when hila says shes getting a Tylenol... and Ethan is like... why?? you don't feel good??? maybe I'm lonely but AWWWWWWWW they are such a good match Ethan seems like an authentically great husband and dad :') you go glen coco

  • Jeremy literally seems like the most annoying person on this planet.

  • Can we make the blackhead cleaning a regular segment?

  • Ethan is such a likable person now more than ever. He totally didn’t fall off the deep end and obviously became a better person because he can handle criticism. He definitely doesn’t remove negative criticism. I’m not being sarcastic at all guys. And Suzan definitely does not have a horse-face.

  • The make Ethan laugh was the funniest one yet.

  • I love the show but I dislike how you said, "ill hate on anybody" and you give leafy shit after his cancellation... His newer stuff was about business and hating was secondary.. It is the same for this podcast (sub business out for randomness), the only difference is that yall are hating on each other in person. You guys are pissed at each other for leaking stuff and calling each other names but yet leafy gets cancelled for same shit different day. big sad. Anyways, podcast continues to be funny with the weird dichotomy between Ethan and Trishas personalities. You guys should do a video where you react to something together, I think that would be funny depending on the content you react to.

  • artist says: look at my art plssss 1:08:42 Ethan : no comment + eyeroll ....my response exactly . (I know its the tourettes... still funny to me lol) also I am an artist so this is all jokes bruv

  • Jeremy is a complete moron, but the way you represent his opinion towards black panther is more cut for entertainment than actually trying to understand his point. Your argument against "gay pride month is a scam" is "when did you ever buy a card for black history month? Not every holiday is a scam." and I agree with that. However pride month is used by a incredible amount of companies to advertise their product or fit their brand into a rainbow flag (of course only in the countries where it benefits them, see bethesda twitter pride flag fuckery.) So his argument as you represent it "Dont celebrate pride month" is not how I interpret what he is alluding to, its more like: Pride month is used to improve brand recognition and attach an image to your brand in order to sell your product, which is stupid. Companies dont care about being tolerant or being intolerant, they care about money. So dont reward them with your money for virtue signalling that they care. Then you argue "well there is no pride month sale so this phenomenon doesnt exist" which is completely absurd. They dont need to bring out a sale, they whip out a rainbow-flagged marketing campaign, or a marketing campaign where 2 people of the same gender kiss and just attach that to their product they want to sell you. Maybe throw in a special edition with a flag on it in if youre generous. And to set the record straight: I dont give a fuck who is kissing in advertisments or in real life. I just find it hillarious when its used for virtue signalling and I take issue in that. I stopped following jeremy ages ago, because he is blatantly misrepresenting a case to then proceed to make an argument about it. And in some cases it doesnt mean the argument in itself cant be made, his gross misrepresentation just screws up the way he sets the premise. To me it sounds like at some points in this video youre doing exactly the same and thats hillarious to watch. The ban from gencon was grossly misrepresented by you, because there had even been a police report filed that he got assaulted by someone. That someone took a dislike in him, because he is an asshole. Still you made it sound like "he got in a fight" , which is wrong. He got "suddenly attacked, beaten, while his attacker yelled, “I’ll f***ing kill you” over and over.". You could have even made this fit your own narrative, saying he is such an asshole that people even start to attack him in public, but you didnt. I really take distaste in the way youre portraing a dude who is full of shit, because youre calling him a pedo, a simp, a cuck. Maybe its entertainment, but from my PoV youre doing exactly the same thing he is doing, whilst there is SO much you can easily debunk - some of which you adressed.

  • Unsubscribed, I’m sorry, You lost me Ethan.

  • They actually brought up a really interesting point about children on SEnewss and child labor laws.. interesting

  • "Wh-what... what is wrong with you?" Goddddd at that moment I really felt the exasperation

  • imagine seconds after sending someone $1K they change the subject 😂

  • Just wanna say I really respect that dan ALWAYS wears his mask. Total boss.

  • Ethan has such a brainwashed view on Trump supporters

  • Sorry comment section, you can defend The Quartering all you like. He’s garbage, and so is his content ✨

  • sound byte from ethan: i hate black americans 💀

  • this is just sad

  • I am watching this after the fact and could have skipped the blackhead segment.....but could not look away. High quality content as always.

  • Comments move on new videos, and the likes and dislikes on "popular" comments change rapidly when the audience is polarized. If you being unable to find a comment you saw a few days ago is your only evidence for H3 deleting comments, then I'd have to say your proof is pretty weak.

  • Best episode yet

  • I’m convinced that Trisha is a demon

  • Every episode Ethan is closer to winning Ru Pauls Drag Race

  • 👏👏

  • Trisha can turn anything onto within and he apologises just so she doesn’t get angry 😂 this is just Trisha guilt tripping Ethan about stuff she does and says 😂

  • I’m sorry but as entertaining as this duo may seem she’s just so annoying. I feel like Ethan can come off kinda rude sometimes but she makes him seem like an angel. She’s horrible and I’m honestly just waiting for the day she rage quits and things go back to normal

  • “You do pills” .... “im not saying you do pills” ....... *okay*

  • If you guys stop doing costumes I’m gonna be so fucking pissed

  • you can’t really tell who’s male or female lmao neither can youtube

  • Elton Klein 😂

  • What is happening with Ethan? The Ethan from 6-7 years ago will have the Ethan from now on this content court.

  • So Morgan Freeman is on record saying black history month is dumb ... is he a racist as well?

  • Not gonna lie I literally thought he was Gru from Despicable Me... 😂

  • Ethan looks like a train wreck, that I can’t look away from.. 👀

  • Trisha, on the off chance you see this, please listen. You have a chance at a real relationship, a family, and group of people who will support you and call you out on your shit. Please, please be kinder, be more open to what Ethan is saying. Seek therapy.

  • I swear my grandma had the same quilt Ethan is wearing. It's kind of interesting though.

  • Going to the Robo Bar! lmao. I am so late on this one.

  • Trishas really coming at him for no reason at this point . If she’s agreed to continue the podcast might as well drop it .. right

  • U should do this with Trisha twice a week

  • He’s just as guilty with gaslighting and baiting her. Which is fine, it’s a podcast and they want views of course. But people pretending that she’s the devil and he’s just an innocent bystander is wild lol.

  • I’ve been out of the loop. Legit thought this was just gonna be Ethan in a wig Like a skit

  • In defense of being a non-binary person in Portland who’s been to the protests, a struggling artist with two useless degrees, and who used to have pink hair, I didn’t loot or burn down a federal building. I actually got pushed over by a Proud Boy by saying I was going to pray on Lucifer that night the Proud Boys be chased out of Portland. And they were without me ever doing so. I have an aunt drunk and on Percocet here in Portland spreading Q rumors and save our children stuff on Facebook and Twitter, too. It’s pretty wild out here. Oregon has a bad racist history and there’s this whole TikTok related to the ppd. Unrelated to the entirety of the podcast but naturally I’m triggered, definitely not making fun of myself.

  • 2:03:17 The vile facial bit ends

  • Rip that comedian guy

  • I can’t believe he managed to top his Fester Addams costume 💀💀💀

  • 1:09:09 don’t know why that song made me completely lose it 😂

  • Invite Sam Hyde to the podcast

  • Ah yes poop humour

  • Ethan you look so good 🤣

  • I have a lot of issues with H3 and I thought this would be super cringe, but it actually informed me about Jeremy's nuclear takes.i had no idea he was this much of a bad faith actor.

  • GERD gang

  • 44:12 it’s a pilot instructor teaching a beginner pilot how to get the motor started back up if it goes into a stall

  • Jeremy's pool is a disgrace. I'm glad he's got a shed to hide it in.

  • how am i an egyptian and never heard about anyone being exiled from there as a slave

  • I wasn’t paying attention to the prestige apparently